Death toll in Gaza rises to 34,183 after 200 days of conflict, Health Ministry says

Gaza’s Health Ministry has reported 32 more deaths due to Israeli military operations, bringing the total number of people killed since October 7 to 34,183 after 200 days of war.

The ministry does not distinguish between casualties among civilians and fighters.

Its counterpart in Ramallah said Tuesday that 72% of those killed in Gaza were children, women and the elderly.

It also reported that the number killed in the occupied West Bank over the past 200 days had reached 487, including 122 children under the age of 18.

Violence by Israeli settlers and troops in the occupied West Bank has surged during Israel’s war in Gaza.

The Government Media Office in Gaza estimated that 7,000 people in the territory were missing.

It said that, over the past 200 days, 14,778 children had been killed – as had 9,752 women. The Media Office also said that 17,000 children in Gaza had lost one or both parents.

The office issued estimates for the scale of destruction across Gaza, which included 86,000 homes destroyed and a further 294,000 partially destroyed and unfit for habitation. It also said that 103 schools and colleges had been destroyed and more than 300 damaged.

CNN cannot independently confirm the numbers due to the lack of international media access to Gaza.