Basic Vs. Applied Research: Key Differences

Research, the word often heard in academics, is basically of various kinds. But, the two main ones used in every coursework are basic and applied research. Both of them have a similar purpose. To find out the significance, aim, and limitations of the study.

However, they differ from each other. Today, in this article, you can find out the key differences between basic and applied research. We will also define what they mean, their benefits, and examples.

What is Basic Research?

Basic research is a theoretical approach used for understanding the importance of the study. As the name suggests, it is to find out the collective information without emphasizing a particular topic. It provides a foundation for applied research.

Also, this research is done by scientists to develop new studies without any particular result in mind. The primary fact of this research is to contribute to the field.

The examples of basic research involve:

  • Conducting a study to find how one uses and interacts with technology.
  • A study to look at how drugs impact the human brain.
  • A study searching for the reasons for kidney failure
  • Observing how animals behave in their environment.


The perks are:

  • Basic research helps one understand how the real world works. Also, it helps in learning the natural laws. Through this understanding, individuals create new technologies. Ultimately making their lives better.
  • It helps in improving the quality of life.
  • Help in gaining info that can help society.
  • Baisc’s research helps find cures for multiple diseases.

What is Applied Research?

This research differs from the basic one. It means finding practical solutions to the existing problems of the world. Moreover, it aids in real-world practices.

This one is built on the info derived from basic research. Businesses, Governments and organizations conduct this for their benefit. Additionally, this focuses on one specific question at a time.

Some examples are:

  • A study to find how to treat insomnia patients.
  • A study on how to improve literacy in teenagers.
  • Conducting a study to decrease social media crimes.
  • A study on how to cook delicious food within the budget.


The following are the perks. They include:

  • This research helps in inventing new products.
  • It helps in making the decisions.
  • It helps organizations increase efficiency.

In short, both basic and applied research have the same benefits. But their function is different. Let’s see the key differences between both of them. But, here is an essential thing before that. Both of them are very valuable in your academic work.

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Basic Vs. Applied Research: Key Differences

Both of the methods are methods to derive basic information. However, the way of conducting research and objectives varies.

Their key differences are given below. Hence, let’s check those out. They include:

1.     Purpose

Here comes the first difference. Talking about basic research has no specific purpose. The aim of conducting this is to find new information on general topics.

On the other hand, applied research focuses on finding the solutions to specific problems.

2.     Theories

The theory of basic research revolves around the cause-and-effect relationship. On the contrary, applied research works on the theory to find solutions for real-world problems.

3.     Information

In basic research, the researchers bridge the gap between existing and new research.

But, in applied research, it is quite the opposite. Here, the researchers work to find new information, limitations, and solutions to a particular subject.

4.     Nature

Basic research is theoretical. However, the applied research uses a practical approach.

5.     Utility

The applied research is limited to one subject or topic. However, this is not the case with basic because this method is universal.

6.     Environment

Researchers conduct primary research in a clean environment. On the other hand, applied one is done in real-world settings.


This brings you to the end of our article. Both basic and applied research are types of research methods. They differ from one another. However, both of them are important in the academic field.

Moreover, it depends on your reasons for conducting research. If you want to find the info on a general topic, then basic research is the key. However, for cases based on a particular thing, researchers use applied research.

Here is the fact. Applied research is built on the foundation of basic research. Hence, without the existing primary research, your work is not worthy.