Tampa Bay Rays player Wander Franco fails to comply with a summons in the Dominican Republic

CNNMajor League Baseball player Wander Franco on Thursday defied a summons issued by the Dominican Republic Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Children and Adolescents as part of an inquiry into allegations that he had a relationship with a minor.

Hours before he was scheduled to show in court, Franco, who is a Dominican native, dismissed lawyers from the Díaz Trueba firm as his representatives, who notified Judge Olga Diná Llaverías that it would be impossible for them to present the player before the judge and represent him in the investigative process, according to court documents obtained by CNN en Español.

The Dominican attorney general’s office has not yet filed a criminal charge against Franco.

Despite the player’s absence on Thursday, the judge indicated that the process must continue, saying there were other options to move forward, but she did not provide details as she briefly addressed the press outside the attorney general’s office.

CNN has reached out to Franco’s agent but had not received a response as of Thursday afternoon.

On August 13, Franco appeared to reject the accusations against him, saying on Instagram Live that he was focused instead on bettering himself.

The Rays and Franco mutually agreed August 14 that the All-Star shortstop would be placed on the Restricted List.

MLB subsequently placed Franco on administration leave on August 22, after the claims were made public in Dominican media. On November 2, the beginning of the league’s offseason, Franco was activated to the roster. He could be placed back on leave after the offseason ends.

The Rays declined to comment when reached by CNN on Thursday.

CNN’s Jill Martin contributed to reporting.