IDF instructs people in Gaza to use coastal road amid fighting in Khan Younis

The Israel Defense Forces has issued what it calls “several urgent instructions” to people in Gaza on what it says are safe routes in the midst of intensified fighting near the city of Khan Younis in southern Gaza.

The IDF posted instructions in Arabic as well as a map on X, saying that the fighting and advance of Israeli forces in the Khan Younis area meant that civilians could not use the main Salah Al-Din axis that runs north to south through the middle of Gaza.

Instead, the IDF said it would allow humanitarian movement through a separate route to the west of Khan Younis, along the coastal road, allowing access to parts of central Gaza, including Deir Al-Balah, which the UN says is overcrowded with displaced people.

The IDF also announced a four-hour “tactical suspension of military activities” in Rafah camp in the south to allow for humanitarian resupply.

Given the lack of communications and internet in Gaza, it’s unclear how many people are aware of the IDF’s instructions.