A Fortune in Green: Exploring the Ultimate Guide of Emeralds

Emerald stone is the most talked about among the fascinating world of green gems. The word emerald comes from the Latin ‘smaragdus,’ which means ‘green stone.’ The beauty of Panna stone is unmatched owing to its amazing lush green color. Besides the captivating beauty it features, the emerald green stone has been known for its enigmatic history and symbolism. Let’s explore more about this enchanting gemstone.

History and Origin of Emerald

The antiquity of the Emerald stone is incomplete, with the mention of this amazing gemstone in the encyclopedia work ‘The Natural History’ by Rome’s Pliny, the Elder. The author describes the beauty of the Emerald Stone as “nothing green greener.’ The work also highlights the benefits of this gemstone color for relieving eye stress and strain. It was known that the lapidaries found this stone amazing as the color is soft and comforting. The color of emeralds was associated with lush green forests and landscapes. An adorable gemstone, emeralds have been admired by kings, queens, and aristocrats in history as royal ornaments. Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, was famous for treasuring emerald gemstones. Using emeralds in jewelry and religious ceremonies has been popular since ancient civilizations. The Spanish traded these mesmerizing gemstones and precious metals such as gold and silver. The majestic beauty of emeralds is evident from their existence in ancient history.

These beryls have been first mined in Egypt from 300 B.C. into the 1700s. In modern times, emerald stones are sourced from countries like Colombia, Brazil, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Zambia, Afghanistan, and Ethiopia.

Emeralds are valued not only for their verdant color but also for their wide symbolism.

The symbolism of Panna Stone

Often called the ‘Jewel of Kings,’ the stone’s color is linked to wealth, prestige, and power. The vibrant gemstone stands for immortality, fertility, growth and renewal. People believed emeralds to be mystical talismans. These green stones were related to wealth and status; those who wore them were considered rich and powerful. These gems represented intellect and were worn to foresee the future. The emeralds were an obsession as many ancient tales depicted that the temples were made of emeralds and the cities that owned them were regarded as treasure cities. These stones were as precious as offerings to God. Hindus believe those who offer Panna stone to god Krishna are rewarded in heaven. This enticing green-colored stone is amongst the nine ratings.

Apart from the meaning and significance, the beauty of all gemstones is determined by their fascinating color. The verdant hue of emeralds is eye-catching and tells the quality of the gemstone.

The Science Behind the Green Color

Why are emeralds green, rubies red, and sapphires blue? The chemistry behind each gemstone is different, and knowing why their charm is unmatched is always interesting. The color of the stone ranges from bluish-green to pure green. Exploring the chemistry, each mineral structure has trace elements that give the stone its unique color. For instance, the green color of emeralds is due to the presence of chromium, vanadium, and iron. Chromium and vanadium for that spring green color and iron for the tint of blue, adding uniqueness and stating that no two gems are alike. The color highlights the stone’s value, and the origin is not to be underestimated.

Quality of Emeralds

As mentioned in the origin section, there are various countries where Panna Ratna is found. Colombian emeralds feature an intense green color and are thus famous for it. The three well-known Colombian mines are Chivor, Muzo, and Coscuez. Emeralds from Muzo mines showcase a yellow-green hue, while those from Coscuez and Chivor offer a bluish-green hue. Zambian mines are amongst the others generating quality emeralds. Natural emerald stones with no inclusions are hard to find. Moreover, most of the emeralds are treated or enhanced. This treatment process enhances the color and clarity of the stone.   

The Fascination for Emerald Jewelry

With the appealing color shown by emeralds, they are perfect for any type of jewelry. Emerald rings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces are loved for their immense beauty and uniqueness. Emerald engagement rings are a popular trend in jewelry fashion. Owing to the exquisite features of emeralds, namely their vivid color, fair hardness, and symbolism, these green stones make a unique engagement ring. Other than this, these stones represent blissful marital life and are a perfect gift for celebrating the 5th, 20th, 35th, and 55th wedding anniversary.

Whether one wishes to buy an emerald online for an engagement ring or gain astrological benefits, the price factor greatly matters.

Price Factor for Emeralds

As previously mentioned, the quality of the emeralds depends on their origin; for instance, Columbian and Zambian emeralds are valued for their unique color and clarity. Based on the four C’s, the quality of gemstone are graded. In the case of emerald stone, the most desirable color is green to bluish-green. Emeralds with no inclusions are rare. Since enhancement and treatment are common processes that upgrade the beauty of the stone, the prices still vary. Emerald stone price differs for treated and untreated gemstones. At Navratan, the online gem bazaar, the prices for natural Panna stones are a bit higher than the treated emerald stone. Other than this, the gemstone’s cut, clarity, and carat weight also impact its price. The most important criteria are certification and appraisal form that gives value to the stone. We at Navratan provide certificates of authenticity for each gemstone, highlighting that one pays the price for value.