US Man With Suspended Licence Drives 160 Kmph To Get Girlfriend To Taco Bell Interview

To make it to his girlfriend’s Taco Bell interview, a Florida man drives quickly with a suspended licence.

Helping those in need is a good habit, and assisting those close to you is vital, but if someone takes a step that is exceedingly risky, illegal, and endangers the lives of children, it is not helping; it is committing a crime.

In order to get his girlfriend to a Taco Bell job interview on Tuesday, an American man recently drove his car at a speed of 160 kilometres per hour.

According to an affidavit acquired by WKMG-TV, Jevon Pierre Jackson, 22, was driving a black Mercedes at high speeds in a 65-kilometer-per-hour zone on DeGroodt Road, close to Falls Church Road in Palm Springs.

The news outlet further reported that the police said that Jackson passed an unmarked police vehicle in a no-passing zone and continued to “split the lane,” which caused a white pickup truck to swerve to avoid a head-on collision with the Mercedes. According to the affidavit, after pulling Jackson over, police saw that there were three children in the vehicle, and Jackson told police he was speeding to get his girlfriend to a job interview at Taco Bell.

After being questioned by the police, Jackson informed them that his licence was also suspended. That also confirms that he has a history of traffic violations.

Jackson was arrested and sent to the Brevard County Prison, where he now faces three counts of child neglect in addition to accusations of reckless driving and being a persistent traffic offender.