Two senior Hamas operatives killed in Gaza on the weekend, Israeli forces say

Two senior Hamas operatives in charge of liaising and directing Hamas fighters have been killed by air strikes in Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces said Monday.

The two killed were Zaher Huli and Rami Khalil Faki, both from Hamas’ Military Wing and Hamas Police, according to the IDF.

It said Zaher “leveraged his position to foster connections with other Hamas terrorists and promote terror attacks against the Israeli home front.”

“Rami Khalil Faki commanded armed terrorists who carried out attacks against IDF troops,” the military added. “His deputy and four additional Hamas terrorist operatives were eliminated together with him.”

On Sunday, an airstrike that hit the Nuseirat refugee camp killed at least 35 people, including seven children and nine women, in central Gaza in the early hours of Sunday, according to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital.

It’s not clear whether the civilian casualties reported from an air strike in Nuseirat were caused by the targeting of Faki, who belonged to Hamas Police’s office there.