Calm down. Emma Stone is not upset about Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Poor Things’ Oscars joke

CNNEmma Stone is setting the record straight about her viral reaction to a joke made at this year’s Oscars by host Jimmy Kimmel.

In March, a clip of Stone’s reaction to Kimmel’s joke went viral on social media with many users collectively concluding, based on speculative lip-reading, that Stone had called the four-time Oscar host a “p—k.”

Turns out, Stone actually had no idea this was even a thing.

“I didn’t call him a p—k,” she told the Hollywood Reporter in an interview published on Wednesday. “I wasn’t upset with him at all. I’ll have to look that up.”

Throughout the Oscars telecast, a montage of scenes from each of the 10 best picture-nominated films was shown. After the “Poor Things” clip played, Kimmel joked that “those were all the parts of ‘Poor Things’ that we’re allowed to show on TV,” seemingly in reference to the graphic and sexual nature of the R-rated film.

The camera then panned to Stone for a reaction shot, which caught her mouthing something to her husband Dave McCary, sparking the viral moment on social media.

Luckily, Stone has a sense of humor, according to her “Curse” co-star Nathan Fielder, who told the Hollywood Reporter in Wednesday’s interview that she is “always down for a joke.”

“I’m near-unoffendable,” Stone said in agreement.

The star won her second Oscar in the lead actress category this year for her performance as Bella Baxter in the Yorgos Lanthimos-directed “Poor Things.” She previously won the trophy for her performance in the 2016 film “La La Land.”

“Poor Things” earned 11 nominations and won four Oscars at this year’s Academy Awards.

Lanthimos and Stone previously worked together on 2018’s “The Favourite” prior to “Poor Things,” and are teaming back up for “Kinds of Kindness,” coming out on June 21.