African countries urge restraint after Iran’s attack on Israel

Several African countries have expressed concern after Iran’s attack on Israel.

South Africa emphasized that all parties must “avoid any act that would escalate tensions in a particularly fragile region” and urged the world not to forget the war in Gaza.

“South Africa has continuously stressed that irrespective of whether states believe that their use of force is lawful, it is never wise to resort to war as inevitably, it is ordinary people who bear the brunt of conflict,” its Department for International Relations and Cooperation said.

Nigeria called on Iran and Israel “to exercise restraint” and “avoid a wider conflict in the Middle East,” its Foreign Ministry said.

“In this critical period, it behoves the two countries to reflect on the universal commitment to peaceful resolution of conflicts, for the advancement of global peace and security.”

Kenya’s President William Ruto said the attack “only serves to aggravate an already delicate situation in the Middle East.”

Ruto said Iran’s attack “should be condemned by all peace loving countries” and that Kenya “urges Israel to show utmost restraint.”

Somalia urged all parties “to immediately halt further escalation and exercise maximum restraint,” Somalia’s foreign ministry said.

The ministry said rising hostilities threaten regional stability and global security, and emphasized the need for a ceasefire in Gaza.