Dali ship briefly held in Chile last year over propulsion issue, Chilean Navy says

The Singapore-flagged cargo ship Dali, which crashed into Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, was briefly held in Chile last June over a propulsion issue, the Chilean Navy told CNN.

An inspector found that the pressure gauges for the vessel’s heating system were “unreadable,” and it was held at the Port of San Antonio on June 27, 2023, a navy spokesperson said Tuesday night.

“The port state inspector granted a deadline for solving the deficiency before the ship could set sail, which was completed and verified on site by the inspector on the same day,” the spokesperson said.

It was held at Chile’s largest port, which categorized the deficiency of the vessel as related to “propulsion and auxiliary machinery.”

It was not the first time the Dali had been held in a foreign port.

The container ship had been inspected 27 times since its building in 2015, and had two “deficiencies” since then, according to records from the Electronic Quality Shipping Information System (Equasis).

Dali was involved in an incident in 2016 in the Port of Antwerp, port officials confirmed to CNN.