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Beyond the Office: Top Cities in Europe for Digital Nomads

Beyond the Office Top Cities in Europe for Digital Nomads

Learning about European cities offering a positive lifestyle can be helpful if you’re a digital nomad with the freedom to work anywhere. When it comes to quality of life, living costs, nightlife, internet speed, and surroundings, one of these seven locations may fit your needs the best.

Budapest, Hungary

Living in Budapest is ideal if you’re on a budget. Hungary offers a digital nomad visa, the White Card, which lets you work remotely. It takes about a month to process and get approved. The cost of living should be less than $1500 per month in Budapest, and the average of 40 Mbps internet speeds are good for getting work done. There’s a lot of charm in this old city, making it a picturesque location where you can enjoy the scenery and architecture.

Berlin, Germany

You can expect to pay around $3000 monthly if you live in Berlin as a digital nomad. Internet speed averages 50 Mbps, allowing you to complete work quickly wherever you are in the city. Berlin also has several co-working spaces, making it a fantastic location to network. You’ll find a wide variety of individuals living in the area, ranging from tech experts to artistic people.

Getting around should be easy as well, with public transportation readily available. Transportation choices include trams, trains, buses, the U-Bahn, and S-Bahn. The nightlife and scenery are also worth mentioning as the city is filled with a long history. If you want to take a peek at how you can have fun, check out the club party scene in The Bourne Supremacy on DIRECTV STREAM.

Barcelona, Spain

If you’re a digital nomad who appreciates the beach lifestyle, beautiful architecture, and culture, Barcelona is another excellent location. The cost of living can be around $2000 per month. However, average internet speeds are slightly slower in Spain, near 35 Mbps, depending on your provider. Spending time at the beach or a cozy café on one of the city’s narrow streets can be relaxing if you’re looking for a location with a mellow vibe.

Barcelona is popular with the digital nomad scene as there are several co-working spaces, meetups, and events you can participate in while living there. When you’re not working, you’ll want to visit La Boqueria, rated as the best market in the world. The historic Gothic Quarter and beaches like Barceloneta are also recommended.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Las Palmas is another city in Spain making a name for itself as a place for digital nomads. As the capital city of the Canary Islands, it contains several elements that make it ideal to live and work digitally. The cost of living is comparable to Budapest at $1800 per month. You’ll also find decent internet speed at around 45 Mbps. Living in the city can provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and several co-working spaces have been created in the last few years. If you’d like to meet with other digital nomads in the area, check out ReStation and the events they hold for your community.

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Unsurprisingly, Munich, Germany is another great destination for digital nomads. This city is ranked number three at Mercer in terms of quality of living. Like Berlin, the cost to live at this location is higher than other European cities on this list, at $2600 per month. However, it can provide an excellent work-life balance. Munich has reliable and fast internet connection speeds. In addition, you’ll find several captivating attractions, beer gardens, and Bavarian architecture.

Munich is also the host city for Oktoberfest, the world’s largest folk festival, held annually in late September.

Edinburgh, Scotland

While many digital nomads choose to settle in sunny European cities, living in a northern area, such as Edinburg, Scotland, offers several benefits. You can plan on spending about $1850 per month on necessities. Edinburg is full of Gothic architecture, cobblestone streets, and modern areas where you’ll find inexpensive co-working spaces. The average internet connection speed is about 65 Mbps, and there’s also excellent nightlife with many trendy bars and pubs available.

If you’re an adventurer and want to take a break from work periodically, Edinburg has beautiful outdoor areas where you can go camping. Spending time in the Royal Botanic Garden or Princes Street Gardens is an excellent choice when you want to relax.

Krakow, Poland

Living in Krakow, Poland is another excellent option if you’re on a tight budget and want to spend less. As the second largest city in Poland, several co-working spaces are available. You’ll also find vibrant nightlife, beautiful architecture, and history.

You can expect to pay between $500-$750 a month for a one or two-bedroom apartment. The average cost of living in Krakow is around $1600 per month. For transportation, consider using a taxi, which costs around $0.80 to a dollar per kilometer. The nightlife is also inexpensive, giving you a place to have fun and balance work with entertainment.


Now that you know more about some essential elements to research when picking a European city to live in as a digital nomad, it’s best to consider your priorities and choose one that matches them best. Wherever you settle, you can work and build experiences simultaneously.

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