Top Songs Right Now by New Music Artists 2023

A changing world of new hip-hop, is a fertile ground for emerging talent, especially in the underground scene. This carefully curated list features five standout albums that bring a unique flavor to the genre. These hidden gems demand attention with their distinctive style and creativity. If you’re a fan of fresh beats and unique sounds, these new hip-hop releases are a must for your playlist. Dive into a musical journey beyond the mainstream, discovering the rich and diverse offerings of the underground hip-hop scene.

For the First Time – Halle Bailey

Everyone was excited to see Halle Bailey in Disney’s Little Mermaid. She sang “Part of Your World” well, but there’s a new hip-hop song in the 2023 movie that people love. It’s called “For the First Time,” made by Lin-Manuel Miranda. This song is all about fun and innocence, just like Ariel! Halle Bailey sang it so well that lots of people shared it on TikTok after the movie. The song became a hit, and it’s one of the top songs right now. It’s a cool thing about The Little Mermaid in 2023 – a new hip-hop vibe added to the classic story.

Every King Needs a Queen (Intro) – Yung Lord Fines$$

Delving into the realm of deep thoughts, Yung Lord Fine$$ presents “Every King Needs a Queen (Intro),” his latest contribution to the world of new hip-hop albums. This thoughtful song takes you on a journey through relationships, dreams, and self-discovery, making it one of the top songs right now. Yung Lord Fine$$ skillfully combines deep words with emotional music, creating a captivating experience that stands out among new music releases.

As you listen to this track, the beautiful melody sets the tone for an exploration of feelings and introspection. It’s more than just music; it’s a stroll through the artist’s emotions and thoughts, making it a noteworthy addition to the current hip-hop scene. For those seeking fresh sounds and meaningful content in a new hip-hop song, “Every King Needs a Queen (Intro)” is a must-listen. Allow the song’s words and melody to resonate with you, providing a simple yet profound connection to Yung Lord Fine$$’s artistic expression.

This Is New York – Scar Lip

Scar Lip’s powerful song “This Is New York” is like a burst of energy straight from the heart of the Big Apple. From The Bronx, Scar Lip channels the fiery pride and toughness of her hometown into this explosive record. The song captures the lively and playful style of Cardi B, mixed with the survivalist spirit of DMX. It stands as a strong response to anyone complaining about today’s hip-hop scene. “This Is New York” is not just a song; it’s a valuable snapshot of how the city’s vibe has changed from one generation to the next. Scar Lip’s music cuts through the noise, making it a must-listen that captures the essence of New York City.

Miracle – Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding

“Miracle” is a super catchy pop-trance tune that feels like a blast from the past but is also a big hit now in 2023. It’s not surprising since it’s from Calvin Harris, who’s been making great music for almost 20 years. Teaming up with Ellie Goulding, whose voice is light and charming, the song became a top global dance hit and stayed No. 1 in the U.K. for eight weeks. The title “Miracle” fits well because it’s almost like magic how this song brings back the retro vibe without feeling old. If you’re into new hip-hop songs or checking out the top songs right now, “Miracle” is a must-listen from the latest music releases.

Red Wine Supernova – Chappell Roan

Roan shared in a recent Billboard interview that she wrote this song back in 2019 with a “sad, slow” feel in mind. But when you listen to it now, you’d never guess, because it’s turned into a catchy pop hit. Co-created with Dan Nigro (known for Olivia Rodrigo and others), this rising pop star’s vocals blend perfectly with lyrics that smoothly balance between playful hints and directness in a romantic invitation. If you’re into the top songs right now or checking out new music releases, this track is a gem. Roan’s single is not just any song; it’s a fresh addition to the new hip-hop song scene. Give it a listen and enjoy the upbeat vibes!


In summary, these hip-hop releases redefine the scene. From Halle Bailey’s Disney flair to Yung Lord Fines$$‘s introspection and Scar Lip’s NYC tribute, each track stands out. Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding’s “Miracle” and Chappell Roan’s “Red Wine Supernova” bring a nostalgic yet fresh vibe. Among the top hits right now, these songs reshape playlists, showcasing the dynamic evolution of hip-hop.