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Hair Restoration After Childbirth

Hair Restoration After Childbirth

Hair restoration program for women during the postpartum period.

The An-tek laboratory successfully restores hair growth in women after childbirth. In recent years, patients have increasingly come to our clinic with complaints of prolonged pathological hair loss in the postpartum period. And currently, almost 20% of all our patients are in this category. A special program developed by An-tek will help in a short time to balance disturbed hair growth rhythms, activate the activity of hair follicles, and completely restore lost hair after childbirth.

Causes of hair loss after childbirth

Soon after conception, the first hormonal changes associated with the “corpus luteum” functioning occur in a woman’s body. It begins to secrete the hormone progesterone, whose task is to ensure the proper development of pregnancy and the safety of pregnancy. The hormone is produced throughout pregnancy. Due to an increase in the progesterone level in a pregnant woman’s blood, active cell division of the hair follicle occurs. This increases the life cycle of hair. As a result, hair hardly falls out and becomes about 30% thicker than before pregnancy.

Most often, increased hair loss begins 3-4 months after childbirth.

How can significant hair loss in the postpartum period be explained?

There may be several reasons for early-stage balding crown and hair loss – postpartum depression, fatigue when caring for a child, lack of sleep, deficiency of microelements, and poor circulation. This is against the backdrop of restoring normal hormonal levels, which is very individual, as is the hair’s reaction to this process. Estrogen loses its position as a stimulator of hair growth, as a result, hair begins to fall out rapidly.

If hair loss is associated only with changes in hormonal levels, the problem can be resolved within 6-12 months after childbirth. Hormone levels are restored and hair loss stops. However, quite often pathological hair loss continues longer than this period, the hair structure deteriorates, thinning occurs, the shine disappears, and the oiliness of the hair increases. In this case, you must immediately consult a trichologist, undergo an examination, and begin hair treatment.

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