Explained: Why Ukraine Is Significant In G20 ‘Delhi Declaration’

New Delhi: G20 leaders negotiated over deep divisions on the war in Ukraine, avoiding direct criticism of Moscow, in the ‘Delhi Declaration’ adopted at the G20 Summit in Delhi. The Delhi Declaration, which mentions Ukraine, is extremely significant.

Here are 5 key facts on Ukraine’s reference in Delhi Declaration

  1. Leaders of the G20, which brings together Russia as well as some of Ukraine’s most ardent backers, have struggled to agree on much, in particular about the 18-month-old invasion.
  2. The Group of 20 denounced the use of force for territorial gain but refrained from direct criticism of Russia by name. “There were different views and assessments of the situation,” the leaders’ statement said.
  3. European nations and the United States had pressed for the G20 not to water down its earlier condemnation of a war. With long-time Russian ally India in the G20 chair, Ukraine’s allies failed in that bid.
  4. “From our perspective, it does a very good job,” US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters. He said the G20 statement stood up “for the principle that states cannot use force to seek territorial acquisition or to violate the territorial integrity and sovereignty or political independence of other states.”
  5. With Russian President Vladimir Putin repeatedly raising the spectre of the conflict turning atomic, Mr Sullivan also pointed to the G20’s agreement that “the use of nuclear weapons is inadmissible”.
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