LIVE: Morocco vs Colombia – Women’s World Cup 2023

  • Colombia just need one point against Morocco to top Group H, while the Atlas Lionesses need at least a draw and the other game in the group to go their way to reach the round of 16.
  • Morocco beat South Korea to win their first-ever Women’s World Cup match in their last game, after crashing to a 6-0 defeat to Germany in their opening match.
  • Germany – stunned by Colombia and 18-year-old attacker Linda Caicedo in their previous match – will be through with a win over a South Korea side who are more or less already out.
  • FIFA rankings: Morocco (72), Colombia (25).

    Er-Rmichi down injured

    Caicedo puts the ball into the box from the left. It’s well caught by Er-Rmichi who gets clattered by Chacon.

    The Morocco keeper stays down.

    We understand that nine minutes have been played in Brisbane but the game is continuing due to a stoppage for an injury.

    90+8 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    Group H goes down to the wire

    It’s still 1-1 in Brisbane.

    The Morocco bench are on their feet; the tension is palpable.

    One goal in either game could change everything.

    90+6 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    Ayane making an impact

    Ayane has really got about the pitch since coming down. She chases down a hopeful cross forcing Perez out of her goal to smother the ball.

    At the other end, Ramirez finds herself in acres of space on the right. She attempts a cross into the box but it’s straight into the arms of Er-Rmichi.

    90+4 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    Another Colombia change

    Carolina Arias comes off for Marcela Restrepo.

    The Morocco fans in the stands are dancing. They are starting to believe.

    90+2 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    Big chance for Morocco

    Caicedo is still on the field but she is not moving well at all.

    Then there’s a huge chance for Morocco. Tagnaout plays a through ball to Ayane who turns inside the box before settling herself and striking at goal.

    The shot is straight at Perez though. That would likely have sealed all three points for Morocco.

    90+1 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    Nine added minutes in Brisbane

    The other group match in Brisbane has gone into stoppage time, with nine minutes added on. Germany desperately need a goal against South Korea.

    It looks like this game here will also see nine added minutes.

    88 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    Both sides make a change

    Chebbak picks the ball up on the edge of the Colombia area and lines up a shot from over 20 yards out.

    She strikes it really well and it hammers into the face of Carabali, who goes down injured. Whilst she is receiving treatment, a few changes are made.

    Ibtissam Jraidi is substituted for Rosella Ayane whilst Colombia also make a change with Bedoya Durango coming off for Ivonne Chacon.

    87 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    A rare chance for Morocco

    Vanegas whips a ball into the box from the left. Er-Rmichi thought about coming out but decides against it and Benzina then scrambles the ball away.

    At the other end, there’s a rare chance for Morocco. Tagnaout picks the ball up on the left and takes a shot at goal from just inside the area, but it’s straight at Perez.

    82 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    A tense conclusion

    Morocco are sitting in now, trying to soak up the relentless pressure from Colombia.

    With 10 minutes left, Morocco are still sat in second place in the group. They need to hold this lead and hope that Germany can’t find a winner against South Korea.

    81 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    Colombia hit the post

    Benzina makes a huge error on the right, getting tangled up as Ramirez closed her down.

    The Colombian runs through into the box and hammers a shot towards goal. Fortunately for Morocco, the ball pings off the post.

    79 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    Colombia continue to come forward

    Caicedo does not look happy. She has been limping since pulling up a short while ago and she’s gesturing at her team’s bench.

    Colombia are really pressuring Morocco now, coming forward with a much higher intensity than we saw in the first half.

    76 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    Another big chance for Colombia

    What a save from Er-Rmichi!

    Ramirez charged down the right, cutting inside in the box and squaring the ball across goal.

    The ball fell to Caicedo who seemed certain to score, but Er-Rmichi stuck out a strong hand to keep the ball out.

    The offside flag eventually went up.

    73 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    First change for Morocco

    Caicedo is receiving some treatment. She pulled up after racing to keep the ball in at the byline.

    Morocco, meanwhile, make their first change of the match as goalscorer Anissa Lahmari comes off for Salma Amani.

    71 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    Morocco on course for the last 16

    It remains 1-1 in Brisbane between Germany and South Korea. If that stays the same, and Morocco win, then the Atlas Lionesses will reach the knockout stages.

    Morocco seem content to slow the game down and break up Colombia’s rhythm.

    It’s a strategy that appears to be working.

    69 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    A break in play

    Er-Rmichi went down clutching her shoulder after that second corner.

    It allowed a chance for Morocco to regroup following the sustained spell of Colombia pressure.

    66 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    Colombia make a change

    Montoya, after nearly scoring, makes way for Garcia.

    Colombia continue to keep the pressure on and Ramirez takes a shot from inside the box. It’s well saved at the near post by Er-Rmichi.

    Colombia then win two corners in a row, with the first punched behind by Er-Rmichi who was fortunate not to concede an own goal. It feels like Colombia are getting closer to an equaliser.

    64 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    Colombia go very close

    Two big chances for Colombia.

    A long ball up-field finds Caicedo. She cuts inside from the left before delivering a superb ball into the box that finds Montoya on the right of the area.

    With the angle tightening, Montoya hits a powerful low shot that Morocco keeper Er-Rmichi does very well to save.

    Benzina attempts to clear the rebound but the ball finds Bedoya on the edge of the box. She sweetly strikes a low shot but it whistles past the right-hand post.

    61 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    Things get heated

    Tempers are starting to fray in Perth, with something of a scuffle after Nakkach battled for the ball with Ramirez.

    The referee awards Morocco with a free kick in their own half.

    55 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    Redouani down hurt

    Another player is down injured – this time it’s Morocco’s Redouani.

    It seems she was hurt in a collision with Montoya, the captain of Colombia.

    After a short delay, Redouani gets back to her feet.

    53 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    Vanegas picks up a yellow card

    Ouzraoui wins a corner for Morocco after getting around the back of the Colombia defence with some smart play. She attempted a cross into the box from the right but it was deflected behind for a corner.

    Tagnaout and Chebbak play a one-two from the corner before the ball is whipped in to the area but nothing comes of it.

    Vanegas is booked for a late diving challenge on Jraidi. That means she will miss the next round if Colombia progress.

    50 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    Play resumes after Ramirez injury

    Ramirez is back on her feet and play resumes.

    No changes for either side at half-time. Remember, as it stands Morocco are through.

    47 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    Second half under way

    Colombia get us back under way in Perth, kicking from right to left as it looks on your screen.

    Almost immediately, Ramirez is down injured after a clash of heads with El Chad. It looked a nasty one.

    45 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia

    VIDEO: Linda Caicedo’s greatest comeback

    Teenage Colombian forward Linda Caicedo has become the breakout star of the Women’s World Cup, and not simply for her match-winning performances.

    Ovarian cancer put the brakes on her career at only 15 years old, but she fought back to inspire her side and nation.

    Morocco through as it stands

    Germany’s leveller in Brisbane against South Korea was a real blow to Morocco’s hopes of qualification, but that late penalty drama has put the Atlas Lionesses back in the front seat.

    Expect plenty of drama in the second half.

    VIDEO: French journalist calls hijab ‘regressive’

    It has been an entertaining 45 minutes, with Morocco taking the lead right before the half-time whistle.

    Before the game, a journalist on French TV called the hijab “regressive” while criticising Morocco’s Nouhaila Benzina for wearing a headscarf at the Women’s World Cup.

    Watch the video below.


    What a dramatic ending to the first half.

    The goal was checked by VAR, and it stands. Could Lahmari’s effort put Morocco through at the expense of Germany?

    Stay with us for the second half.

    Half-time: Morocco 1-0 Colombia


    Perez saves Chebbak’s penalty with a brilliant diving save low to her left.

    Ouzraoui reacts fastest to reclaim the ball, but her effort is blocked. The rebound finds Lahmari in the middle who scores from almost on the goal line.

    45+3 mins: Morocco 1-0 Colombia


    Jraidi is fouled in the box and Morocco win a penalty!

    It was a blatant push in the back from Arias.

    45+2 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    Germany level in Brisbane

    It’s all changed again in Group H, with Germany now 1-1 with South Korea in Brisbane. Remember, Morocco need to better Germany’s result to qualify.

    On the pitch in Perth, Colombia’s Caicedo finds herself free down the right and puts a perfect ball into the box for Santos.

    She manages to get over the ball but her header loops over the bar. A great opportunity for Colombia as the half-time break approaches.

    45 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    Colombia waste a free kick

    Santos wins a free kick in her own half after Chebbak clatters into the back of her.

    It is taken short, but Morocco intercept and win the ball.

    Colombia are lacking a real cutting edge so far this evening.

    42 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    Carabali catches Nakkach

    Morocco win their third corner of the match, which Chebbak takes from the left. She lofts the ball into a group of players in the middle of the box, but Colombia get it away.

    In the process, Carabali caught Nakkach in the throat with a stray arm. Some of the Morocco players appeal for VAR to take a look at it, but it was an innocent collision.

    39 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    Morocco stay alert

    Er-Rmichi does well to catch a ball that was spinning wildly after taking a deflection off Benzina.

    The Morocco keeper has recovered well in this tournament after conceding six goals to Germany in her opening match.

    37 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    Tagnaout continues her bright start

    Tagnaout wins a free kick on the left touchline after being tripped by Arias. It was a blatant foul.

    The free-kick leads to nothing, but shortly afterwards Morocco are on the attack again. The ball finds Tagnaout at the byline and she whips in a dangerous cross towards Jraidi, but the Morocco forward can’t get her header on target.

    The replay suggests that Tagnaout didn’t keep the ball in play, so any goal probably wouldn’t have counted.

    35 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    Lahmari shot goes over

    Morocco’s Lahmari hits an effort at goal from outside the area after lovely build-up play with Chebbak.

    She doesn’t quite get over the shot, and it ends up rising over the bar.

    The Atlas Lionesses look dangerous on the counterattack.

    31 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    Tagnaout shows her frustration

    Tagnaout does well to chase the ball down the left flank, but she runs the ball out of play.

    In a moment of frustration, she hammers the ball towards the advertising boards.

    Morocco’s number 11 has been pretty vocal out on the pitch tonight.

    28 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    Colombia appeal for a penalty

    Morocco fail to clear the ball from their own box on a number of occasions, including a shanked clearance from Benzina.

    There were some Colombia appeals for a potential handball, but the referee waves play on.

    25 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    End-to-end in Perth

    Usme takes a Colombia free kick from just inside the Morocco half. It’s easily cleared and Tagnaout picks up the ball to charge away on the counter.

    Colombia deal with the danger, but that passage of play highlights how open this game currently is.

    22 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    Er-Rmichi makes an error

    A nervous moment for Morocco as Er-Rmichi gambles by coming out for a cross from the left, but the keeper fails to deal with it leaving her goal exposed.

    Luckily for Morocco, Benzina is back to clear up the danger.

    20 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    Infantino in Perth

    FIFA President Gianni Infantino is among the spectators in the stands in Perth.

    He has watched a lively game so far, with Morocco more than holding their own.

    19 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    Colombia win a dangerous free kick

    Tagnaout is finding herself in good positions down Morocco’s left. The winger berates her teammates after they fail to find her in acres of space following a nice move.

    Benzina goes for a challenge on Caicedo in the right corner. A free kick is awarded, but the replay showed that the Moroccan got the ball.

    Usme takes it from the right but it curls over the top left-hand corner of the goal.

    17 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    Jraidi gets a header on target

    Morocco need to better Germany’s result and so far they are achieving that.

    Tagnaout floats the ball into the box from the left and Jraidi manages to get some power behind a header towards goal but Perez saves it, diving to her left.

    The Atlas Lionesses continue their strong start.

    13 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    Chance for Ramirez

    It’s not a full house in Perth, but there is plenty of noise from the stands.

    We catch a first glimpse of Colombian star Caicedo as she chases down a ball with Redouani – but the Moroccan wins that battle.

    Ramirez then latches on to a lovely through ball and takes a shot from a tight angle to the right of the Moroccan box, but it goes behind for a goal kick.

    11 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    South Korea take the lead over Germany

    A goal in the other match of the group in Brisbane – and it’s a surprising one!

    South Korea have taken an early lead against Germany.

    That means, as it stands, Morocco would qualify.

    7 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    Morocco putting Colombia under pressure

    Morocco are getting the ball into the Colombia box, including consecutive crosses from both sides of the pitch that are fizzed in but somehow evade everybody.

    Colombia haven’t found their rhythm yet.

    6 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    Bright start from Morocco

    Reynald Pedros looks happy with how the Atlas Lionesses have started this game.

    Colombia are starting to pass the ball around but Morocco are keeping their shape well.

    4 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    Early chance for Morocco

    A great start for Morocco. Chebbak threads a lovely through ball to Jraidi who had made a good run down the left channel.

    She charged into the Colombia area and shot towards the near post, forcing a diving save from Perez.

    An in-swinging corner is then whipped in for Morocco, but Colombia clear the danger.

    2 mins: Morocco 0-0 Colombia


    Morocco get us under way kicking from right to left as it looks on your screen.

    It is the final match of the tournament at the Perth Rectangular Stadium.

    1 minute: Morocco 0-0 Colombia

    Almost time for kickoff

    Morocco are in red shirts and green shorts. They’ll start in a 4-4-2 formation.

    Colombia opt for a 4-2-3-1 lineup and will wear their traditional yellow shirts and white shorts.

    The referee is Maria Ferrieri from Italy.

    Let’s go!

    Players heading out

    The teams are taking to the pitch in Perth, ahead of the first ever meeting between Morocco and Colombia.

    The players then line up for the anthems, with Morocco’s played first.

    All four teams can still qualify

    Plenty to play for in the final round of matches in Group H. Colombia, Germany, Morocco and South Korea can all still qualify.

    Colombia are in the box seat with six points from their opening two games. They only need a point tonight to qualify.

    Morocco’s inferior goal difference means they ideally need to win and hope that South Korea do them a favour against Germany.

    That match kicks off at the same time in Brisbane.

    South Korea need to beat Germany and hope that Morocco win big against Colombia. It would be close to a miracle if the East Asian side were to qualify.

    Colombia XI announced

    Colombia: Catalina Perez (GK), Manuela Vanegas, Daniela Arias, Lorena Bedoya Durango, Daniela Montoya (C), Mayra Ramirez, Leicy Santos, Catalina Usme, Carolina Arias, Linda Caicedo, Jorelyn Carabali.

    Morocco XI announced

    Morocco: Khadija Er-Rmichi (GK), Zineb Redouani, Nouhaila Benzina, Nesryne El Chad, Elodie Nakkach, Ghizlane Chebbak (C), Ibtissam Jraidi, Fatima Tagnaout, Anissa Lahmari, Hanane Ait El Haj, Sakina Ouzraoui.

    Yellow cards force Colombian caution

    Players who receive two yellow cards before the quarter-finals will be suspended for the team’s next match in the tournament – and five Colombian players were booked in their wins over South Korea and Germany.

    “I have five players who have yellow cards, so we need to be really smart,” said Abadia, who was himself suspended for Colombia’s first two games.

    “We need to be cautious and smart in terms of managing this. So we will really ponder what we will need to do.

    “In any case, I brought 23 amazing players from the country. When we need them, they will do what they need to do and we’ve seen it in different matches. They will contribute to what the team wants.”

    Possible lineups

    Morocco’s possible starting XI: Er-Rmichi (GK), Ait El Haj, Ben Zina, El Chad, Redouani, Ouzraoui, Nakkach, Chebbak, Tagnaout, Amani, Jraidi.

    Colombia’s possible starting XI: Perez (GK), C Arias, Ramos, D Arias, Vanegas, Bedoya, Montoya, Andrade, Usme, Caicedo, Ramirez.

    Colombia’s Caicedo ‘100 percent’ fit

    Linda Caicedo underwent X-rays after health scares at the Women’s World Cup but is “100 percent” fit for Colombia’s clash with Morocco, coach Nelson Abadia said.

    The 18-year-old Real Madrid attacker, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 15 but made a full recovery, has lit up the World Cup with goals in wins against South Korea and Germany.

    In the upset over two-times champions Germany, Caicedo scored one of the goals of the tournament, days after going down in training clutching her chest.

    She also appeared to suffer breathing difficulties in that 2-1 win – which took Colombia to the brink of the last 16 – but carried on playing.

    Abadia said X-rays on Caicedo had not detected any issues.

    “She went through a check-up … to be sure that she is at 100 percent. You can be assured that she is at 100 percent,” Abadia told reporters in Perth on Wednesday.

    “She’s here training with us. She was not feeling well in one of our training sessions but it was brief. We are always careful with players’ health. We want to make sure that Linda feels that she’s OK … and she is.”

    Morocco hoping for some luck, says coach

    Colombia will face a desperate Morocco who kept their dreams alive after they beat South Korea 1-0 for their first World Cup win.

    Morocco are level with Germany on three points in Group H but have a substantially worse goal difference after a 6-0 drubbing to the Germans.

    “We want to be victorious and we hope after we win to be a little bit lucky [with Germany’s result] to qualify,” coach Reynald Pedros said.

    “We will need to be decisive, efficient and aggressive in our game

    Colombia’s ‘expectation is huge’

    Colombia only need a draw to top the group and even a defeat might see them through, depending on what happens in the other group game between South Korea and Germany.

    “We are not forced to win, but we would like to win,” said Abadia. “When you go for a draw then you might actually lose.

    “Every single match is a news story [in Colombia]. Expectation is huge.”

    Morocco’s meteoric rise

    In the space of a few years, the Atlas Lionesses have gone from the fringes of football in Africa to heading to their first World Cup and beating South Korea.

    Al Jazeera explores how a concerted effort to revamp Moroccan football has borne fruit

    Welcome to the blog

    Hello and welcome to our coverage of a crunch Women’s World Cup clash between Morocco and Colombia in the final game of Group H.

    Colombia just need a draw to top the group, while Morocco need to better Germany’s result to secure a place in the round of 16 due to the Germans’ superior goal difference.

    The game kicks off at 6pm local time (10:00 GMT) at the Perth Rectangular Stadium.


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