Important Things to Consider while Designing and Customizing Popcorn Boxes

Packaging in the food industry is continuously evolving. Ever-changing trends have made it essential for brands to stand out on the shelf. By focusing on the right things and by taking proper measures, you can make your product fly off the shelf tops. One should keep some important points in mind when it comes to popcorn packaging. Analyze your competitor, target your customers, and try some eye-catching designs. Some popular food packaging design comes from a simple and minimal approach.

Points to Keep in View while Designing Popcorn Boxes:

  • Customer Perspective

You need to spend the maximum time thinking about the needs and demands of potential customers. Before designing custom popcorn boxes, you should understand what customers search for while buying the product. It will help you to design the boxes according to the customer’s point of view. It makes you impressively attract customers. Stay tuned for customer feedback to know the required font, graphics, and colors. Some may like simple, elegant designs, while others want a more luxurious look. To know your ideal customers better, it is suggested to do a test run first. Another thing to take into consideration for your customers is the convenience in the usage of the packaging.

  • Let Your Packaging Tell the Brand Story

Like all other packaging designs, make sure your popcorn packaging also demonstrates your brand identity. The packaging should showcase the brand and product in the right way. When customers look at the boxes, they should know the brand behind them instantly, so it is important to make your logo and the name of the brand part of your packaging. It will help you to create a brand identity in the market. You can also tell your story with the help of labels on packaging boxes. If you support a special cause or are an eco-friendly brand, go with green polka dots or mention it on your boxes to get more acknowledgment. Design the popcorn box in such a way that it provides an accurate image of your brand.

  • Use of Technology in Your Boxes

In the food industry, the hot issue is smart packaging solutions nowadays. It will help customers to get convenient access to product information. You can embody technology into your packaging boxes in various ways. Brands are going for different ways to make their boxes smart. The common technology observed recently is using bar codes and inserted smart chips. Thanks to the latest smartphones that have made expeditious scanning possible. Customers can comfortably scan the codes on the spot and can get accurate information. They will be much more aware of what they are having. It will make your brand more reliable and fair in the customer’s eye.

  • Think about Livability

Over the past few years, one more change that brands have made is that they have introduced eco-friendliness in popcorn packaging. Food packaging is gradually becoming greener. It has made brands move from unrecyclable plastic to recyclable options. While discussing eco-friendly packaging, you will get so many options regarding the material. The most commonly used material for popcorn containers is paperboard and cardboard. Both of these can be easily recycled and are also not so expensive. But Kraft is the best option for customized popcorn boxes. It is entirely recyclable and the most reasonable option. Apart from these, the food industry is also working on an edible packaging solution currently. It can be the biggest innovation in the packaging industry.

  • Fulfill All the Legal Requirements

The crucial thing to remember while designing your food packaging boxes is to fulfill all the legal requirements. Ensure that your boxes have everything imprinted that customers have the right to know while buying the product. It should include your product name, precise brand information, product quantity, and all the necessary safety measures. Remember to print the important dates like manufacturing and expiration date. If you need to include all of the mentioned information, you may face some legal problems. Providing information on the boxes in the form of text is optional. More-written content should give the packaging a better presentation. You can select infographics, images, and other symbols.

  • Add Some Lucidity

Recently, customers have observed an emerging trend in food packaging. Food brands have started including glassiness in the packaging. You might have seen full see-through boxes on the shelves, but you can opt to add a portion of it. It will allow customers to view the product before deciding to purchase it. The trend of transparency was initially introduced in the cosmetic industry, but now it has paved its way in the food market. Inserting a small die-cut window can add a little glassiness to your custom-printed popcorn boxes. It is finer to use reprocess able plastic for the window cut-out. Customers will prefer to buy your product over the competitor’s.

Points to Ponder while Customizing Popcorn Boxes

While customizing popcorn boxes, one should keep in view the following points, mainly:

  • Make them Attractive

Popcorn boxes must be attractive and eye-catching. Fonts of different sizes and styles, cartoon characters, and much more can be used to make them look exceptional. The packaging box is the first thing customers look at and get engaged.

  • Decorate the Internal Sides of the Boxes

The outer sides of the boxes are usually decorated, but if you want your packaging to stand out on the shelf, you can decorate its internal side too. This will make the packaging look even trendier.

  • Appealing Look

Conventional popcorn boxes do not attract customers anymore. Popcorn boxes with innovative designs grab the attention of more customers nowadays. So, a popcorn box with an appealing look will add value to your product and business.

  • Use Effects to Enhance Quality

3D effects can be used to make popcorn boxes to impress customers greatly. Quoted popcorn boxes are at trending, currently. The customers will enjoy eating popcorn in the boxes with famous quotes on them while reflecting on the words of wisdom for learning something new.

  • Make them Unique in Shape

The traditional shape of packaging boxes no longer inspires customers. We can make them look unique by using different shapes. The following shapes can be used:

  • Popcorn paper bags.
  • Popcorn tin.
  • Popcorn buckets.
  • Popcorn buckets are divided into small, medium, and large buckets.
  • Mini Popcorn Boxes

Mini popcorn boxes are often served at parties, movie nights, and carnivals. They can also be used as party favors and to hold small gifts. The feature which makes them so popular is personalization. It allows you to have them in any size, color, or design you want. They are durable, safe, and easy to transport.

  • Color Selection must be Elegant.

Use your brand logo on the box with vibrant colors to get the customers attracted to it. The color selection must be elegant. Bright colors will help to pop up your packaging on the retail shelf. Pistachio green, horizon blue, and corn yellow are the most commonly used colors.

  • Save Budget with Wholesale Boxes

Budget is the main concern of every business from the beginning. One can secure a budget by purchasing customized boxes wholesale. Boxes are available at reasonable wholesale prices. So, it’s very beneficial to buy boxes in bulk amount from wholesalers instead of buying them at higher rates from others.


Following the tips above, you can easily design the perfect packaging for your popcorn boxes. The industry is competitive, and you must stand out to be noticed. Take your time to notice the competition and take the right steps to inspire your customers, and then choose the right-hand packaging company.