All You Must Know About Xerox Connectkey Technology

Gone are the days of printer devices which only offered the print function after pressing the command button on the device. Now, scan, copy, fax, and email functions are more than crucial for a print device. On top of this, the device must be accessible remotely and free from the hassle of on-site commands.

Xerox connectkey technology highlights the progress and innovation of print technology. It has all the support features and essentials to optimize the user experience. Securing it with your print device can revolutionize your print functionalities, so give it a try.

Keep scrolling down into the details of this article to learn and explore all you must know about Xerox Connectkey technology and make a wise investment decision.

Top 6 Highlights of Xerox Connectkey Technology

Xerox connectkey technology is becoming quite popular with the passage of time. It offers perfectly comprehensive technological support which optimizes the functionality of the printing devices. However, you should not opt for it randomly. Instead, explore all its highlights and major functions to assess if it is a suitable choice for your solutions and then proceed with your investment.

Here are the most notable highlights of Xerox Connectkey technology you must know before investing in its printers and other devices.

  • Advanced Printer Security Features

Advanced printer security features are the first and foremost highlight of Xerox connectkey technology you must know about. Cybercriminals have become advance enough to attack the sources of an organization through printer devices. So, printer devices with loose on-site and software security offer invitations for data theft and security breaches. The advanced printer security features of Xerox help authorities enjoy smooth and secure service. Many consult Xerox UAE suppliers or dealers to source devices with Connectkey technology and enjoy optimized security measures.

  • Customizable User Interface

The customizable user interface is the next highlight of Xerox connectkey technology you must be aware of. The printer devices come with a navigation screen which seems like the smartphone screen, to help users select the commands efficiently. The screen can be customized according to personal preferences and helps manage the home page and print commands smoothly. You can also connect it with the app gallery to explore and utilize all the functions in a hassle-free manner. You can use the support of experts if you face any issues with managing the user interface.

  • Managed Print Services

Managed print service is one of the most notable highlights of Xerox connectkey technology you should know. Apart from helping automate business processes, it helps optimize print devices and manage them remotely. It significantly supports the cause of sustainability by helping with energy use and waste cut down. It also limits the print-related costs and expenses of the organization while not compromising on the quality of the service. So, if you are looking for devices to uphold the cause of sustainability, you can explore Xerox print devices with connectkey technology.

  • Xerox App Gallery

Xerox app gallery is the next highlight of Xerox connectkey technology you must know about before investing in it. The technology allows access to a vast range of supportive apps through the gallery. You can use the apps to automate print functions, boost the productivity of the device, optimize security, and learn to utilize hundreds of other features. Xerox apps significantly boost the performance and functioning of the device and help users explore non-obvious functions. So, if you ate eager to explore the full functionality of the print device, the app gallery can guide you on the way.

  • Mobile and Cloud-Ready Technology

Mobile and cloud-ready technology is the next most crucial highlight of Xerox connectkey technology, which is necessary for this advanced age. Walking up to the printer device to press some commands and get the functions rolling is too old school. It is not just a hassle some but also wastes too much time. Xerox connectkey technology allows connecting the print device with mobile and cloud technologies. In other words, you can access and use the printer device through mobile and cloud and make the most of the hassle-free and perfectly secure experience.

  • Automated Workflows

Automated workflows are the last highlight of Xerox connectkey technology you must be aware of. In large organizational setups, there are numerous recurring print-related tasks that end up consuming too much time for the workers. It hinders their ability to focus on more urgent and productive tasks. The automated workflow technology helps automate all the recurring tasks and manages them efficiently without requiring any support or intervention. It also boosts overall productivity and performance in the workplace. You can also consult Xerox product suppliers in UAE and invest in connectkey technology to automate workflows and reap other benefits too.

Do you want to explore Xerox connectkey technology?

You can test and try the Xerox connectkey technology to be sure of the experience and learn what it really holds for you. Feel free to contact and consult professional suppliers to explore the latest devices and opt for the best-suited one.