Viral Video Sparks Debate Over ‘Halal Tea’ Packs Being Served in Vande Bharat Express

A video which is currently doing rounds on social media shows a passenger refusing to use tea packets with ‘Halal’ certification. The incident took place at Vande Bharat Express. In the video, the man can be seen speaking to an official while he tries to pacify him. He claims that all of these products are vegetarian. The video has sparked debate on Twitter regarding food certification and its religious connotations. The video has been filmed by the passenger himself as he keeps asking one question.

He also mentions how it is the month of ‘Sawan’. Despite assuring the passenger that the tea was 100 per cent vegetarian, the passenger claims, “We don’t want religious certifications… such certifications hurt our religious sentiment.” The official also highlights the green dot which signifies the product is vegetarian but nothing puts the passenger at ease.

“The service of irctc has gone down terribly. Instead of frooti – a much better brand, they serve some rubbish brand marked as the same rate. These guys charge the same or more but procure substandard product to increase their profits. Disgusting. I have throw the drink everytime,” wrote a Twitter user. Another person mentioned, “This is a very valid point. Such certifications must be removed, along with the ‘Veg’ certification. People must guess whether what they are being served is veg or not.”

SOURCE: News18

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