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Delhi Man Killed Mother After She Refuses To Sell House For His Liquor Money


New Delhi: A 29-year-old man was arrested for allegedly killing his mother over a property dispute in north Delhi’s Shora Kothi area, police said on Wednesday.

The accused has been identified as Deepak, a resident of Shora Kothi, Ghantaghar at Subzi Mandi, they said.

On Tuesday, a woman made a PCR call at around 9.40 am stating that her brother had killed their mother, police said.

A police team reached the house where Charu, Heena and others were present and victim Indu was lying on the floor of one of the bedrooms, they said.

Charu alleged that after killing Indu, Deepak fled while she was making the PCR call, they said.

According to a senior police officer, the victim lived with her son who used to beat her daily. The accused is unemployed and an alcoholic.

The victim had multiple injuries on the face, neck, and hand. Her body was dragged from one room to the other, the officer said.

Charu revealed that her brother got married a few years ago, but his wife left him after a few months of marriage over domestic violence. He also used to beat his elder brother Mohit, who died a few years ago, the officer said.

Deepak has no source of income but used to live lavishly. He sold a house earlier this year and spent the money on purchasing a television and a car, the officer said.

Now, he intended to sell the house in Shora Kothi in order to meet his expenses of drinking and he was pressuring his mother for it, but she refused, police said.

Due to this, Deepak started thrashing Indu on a regular basis. On Monday night, when Charu made a video call to Deepak, she found that her mother was having injuries on her nose and mouth and she was bleeding, the officer said.

Around 1.30 am, the complainant again made a video call to her brother and saw that her mother was lying unconscious on the floor, police said.

She informed her younger sister and other relatives and rushed here in the morning where she found her dead.

When the complainant confronted Deepak about the circumstances of the death of their mother, he kept saying that she had fallen and sustained injury and tried to mislead them. When she told him that she was going to call the police, he ran away, the officer said.

The police conducted a house-to-house search in the area and arrested him from one of the buildings. He was taken to Hindu Rao Hospital for a medical examination, Deputy Commissioner of Police (north) Sagar Singh Kalsi said.

He was planning to sell the house of Shora Kothi as there was some water-related issue and also because he needed money for purchasing liquor. However, his mother refused, which made him angry, he said.

On Monday night, Indu informed Charu that Deepak had beaten her badly and feared that he might kill her. He further disclosed that both of them were in the same bedroom and his mother asked him to switch off the air conditioner, but he wanted to keep it on, DCP Kalsi said.

Infuriated by the conversation between his mother and sister, he started beating Indu with a sharp-edged stick, causing multiple injuries on her head, face, neck and hand due to which she became unconscious, police said.

He dragged her to another room and left her on the floor. He knew that Charu who lives in Nangloi would not come to his home at night and went to sleep for a few hours in another room leaving his unconscious mother alone, they said.

(This story has been published from a syndicated feed.)

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