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US Man Throws Money Out Window To ‘Bless’ People With Cash

McCarthy informed the police that he was financially successful and desired to “bless others” with wealth.

In a bizarre incident in the United States, a man threw around $200,000 on the road from a moving car.

According to ABC affiliate KEZI, the man, who they identified as Colin Davis McCarthy, 38, threw the cash out of his car on Tuesday night near milepost 192 on Interstate 5. Authorities in Oregon claim that a man allegedly emptied the joint bank accounts belonging to his family before dumping thousands of dollars in cash onto a nearby highway.

According to Oregon State Police, troopers responded to Interstate 5 near milepost 192 just south of Eugene at about 7:23 p.m. on April 11 after hearing a report of money being thrown out of a vehicle.

The police said troopers on the scene identified Colin Davis McCarthy, 38, as the person throwing the money. Troopers said they spoke with McCarthy, who allegedly told them he was doing well and wanted to share the gift of money with others.

The police said he got his money elsewhere but declined to say from whom.

“Oregon State Police is urging the public not to go searching for money on the highway, which is very dangerous and contributes to a hazardous condition,” state police spokesperson Captain Kyle Kennedy wrote in an email.

“My understanding is the money was taken from accounts the individual had access to,” Mr. Kennedy said in the email.

At this time, McCarthy faces no charges, according to a police spokesperson.

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