Voters in Mercer County, New Jersey, are voting manually due to machine problems

Voters in Mercer County, New Jersey, are having to vote manually Tuesday mornings due to a problem with the voting machines. The county is home to Princeton, Trenton, Ewing, and Lawrence Township.

“No one will be disenfranchised and we are working on fixing the issue at present. It may delay results but we will make sure everyone votes,” said Mercer County Clerk Paula Sollami Covello in an email to CNN.

The results will likely be tallied later than usual, but Covello did not rule out the possibility that the ballots voted manually could still be tallied Tuesday night.

The county has Dominion, the machine maker, and other IT professionals coming to fix the problem. Poll workers are on hand to walk voters through the process.

“There is an issue with our Dominion scanners not reading throughout the county. There is a slot on the top of the scanner and voters can vote — and are voting manually,” Covello added. “No voter should walk away. They can vote manually.”

Voters can and should still go to their respective polling locations. Their ballot will be inserted into the “emergency slot” in the machine, according to an alert posted by Princeton, a town in Mercer County.